Albright Farms' Beef

We grow our own beef cattle, on our family farm. We provide a great tasting, quality product we are very proud of. Our cattle are grass fed and grain finished. We grow most, if not all, of what we feed to our cattle. We do not feed our cattle byproducts, and we do not feed them hormones or antibiotics. Our beef is dry aged for a minimum of 21 days. It is processed by a local family butcher, and is frozen and vacuum packed.

Ground Beef

Our ground beef is sold in one pound packages, as well as 4 oz. patties, 6 oz. patties and 8 oz. patties. The patties are sold in approximately two pound packs. Our ground beef is about 85% lean. This means there is enough fat to give it a nice flavor, but not so much of it to catch your grill on fire when you cook burgers. Our butcher does a great job with the balance. Some folks who are cooking for one like to purchase our burgers so they can take one out of the freezer to thaw and use in a variety of recipes; this way they don’t have to thaw a whole pound of meat at once.


Our fillet steak is made from the tenderloin, which is the most tender cut of beef. Ours is tender and lean. Our fillets are cut into 1-1/2" to 2’’ steaks, and there are generally two in each package. It is possible to order a whole tenderloin. Please keep in mind that it is a special order, and our beef ages at least three weeks, so you need to think ahead. There are only two whole tenderloins per steer. A whole tenderloin is nice to roast or grill on the holidays.

Rib Eye Steak

Our rib eye is boneless cut in 1" or 1-1/2” thick steaks. These steaks are well marbled and very juicy and flavorful.

N.Y. Strip Steak

Our New York strip steaks are cut in 1”or 1-1/2” thicknesses. They are boneless. This is a lean, tender steak, with just a bit of fat around the edges.

Sirloin Steak

This is a less-expensive cut of steak. It is well marbled with fat, which makes it more juicy and flavorful. It is not quite as tender as some more expensive cuts of steak, but our sirloin is generally more tender than what is offered in the stores. Great broiled or grilled.

Sirloin Tip

This is a cut of beef that has good robust flavor. This is the leanest part of the sirloin, so it is best to marinate this cut if time permits. They are great grilled.

London Broil

London broil or top round roast is a very lean cut of meat. Since it is so lean, you want to be sure not to overcook it, so it does not dry. It is best to broil or grill after marinating, then sliced thinly across the grain at a 45-degree angle. Please see our recipe page for cooking hints and marinade recipes.

Boneless Chuck Roast

This cut is the traditional pot roast. My sister calls it stringy meat. This roast has a lot of connective tissue which gives it an intense beefy flavor. It is best to braise (cook in liquid — see recipes). This is a flavorful, less-expensive cut of beef.

Shoulder Clod Roast

When you think of roast beef, this is the cut. It is a nice, tender, pretty lean roast. It usually has a small strip of fat across the top. This keeps the meat tender while cooking and provides pan drippings for making gravy.

Rump Roast

This is a great tasting, really flavorful roast. It is not quite as lean as some of the other roasts. It is very flavorful and you will get enough drippings for lots of gravy. It is boned, rolled and tied.

Bottom Roast

This is a nice roast. Good flavor. It is a more coarse-grained meat. Nice drippings for gravy.

Eye Roast

The eye of the round is the most tender part of the round. It is very lean. Very little drippings for gravy. It is nice roasted or grilled.

Flank Steak

Flank steak is a very flavorful cut of meet. It contains almost no fat. This is a steak to braise or marinate, to ensure its tenderness. It has excellent flavor and texture. This is the meat used in fahitas.


Brisket is best cooked long and slow, usually braised (cooked in liquid). When you carve it, cut thin and against the grain. Great with a barbeque recipe. Don't let the fat on the brisket scare you — it is called the fat cap and it helps to make the meat tender.

Beef Stew

Our stew meat is closely trimmed, very tender. What can I say; it makes a great stew.


We also offer liver. Great for liver & onions, served with mashed potatoes.

Minute Steaks

These are great for two. They are best when they are marinated for a few hours. After marinating, cut into strips and use for stir-fry or fahitas.