Albright Farms' Chicken

Our chickens are on the grass, weather permitting, in a safe, wire-enclosed environment. This allows them to move around on fresh grass, yet remain safe from natural predators.

We only sell chicken we raise, this means that all chicken sold is raised on our farm.  They are part of our farms life cycle.  They eat the feed that is raised on our farm, fertilized with the manure they leave behind completing the cycle.  Their diet includes corn, grass, oats, roasted soy beans, and bugs they find in the ground.  The only things they are fed not coming from the farm are a natural feed supplement containing fish meal, kelp, vitamins and minerals.  They are also given ground oyster shells to support bone strength. 

They are fed no antibiotics, by product; animal or grain based.  This includes animal fats.  The meat is not enhanced or injected with anything.  We are with the chickens from start to finish.  We get them when they are hours old. We start the chickens in a brooder house and are moved onto grass as soon as they are old enough and as weather permits.  They are moved onto fresh grass every day. When chickens are harvested we load and transport them to processing in a short period of time so they are not spending extended periods of time in cages on trucks.  We remain with the chickens from start to finish. These birds have minimal food miles.  They are grown on the farm raised with grain on the farm sold at local markets and are processed within 45 minutes of home. 

Currently our chicken is available at our roadside stand as well as the markets we attend. We are starting a Chicken Co-op where chicken can be purchased at a discount, as well as being available fresh several times during the year.  Check out our Chicken Co-op and join today.