Albright Farms' Chicken Co-op

The chicken co-op is currently taking orders for the 2018 year.

We are happy to announce Albright Farms Chicken Co-op, which will allow you to purchase our chickens at a discounted price. In addition this year we have added the option of a beef CSA, which allows for you to pick one or more of our ground beef packages. For more information on our beef please refer to the beef tab on the side.

We are also offering our chicken co-op members the chance to order their turkeys early for thanksgiving.

Why choose us?

We only sell chicken that we raise, this means that all chicken sold is raised on our farm. They are part of our farm's life cycle. The feed they eat is raised on our farm, fertilized with manure they leave behind, completing the cycle. Their diet includes corn, grass, oats, roasted soy beans, and bugs they find in the ground. The only things they are fed not coming from our farm are a natural feed supplement containing fish meal, kelp, vitamins and minerals, and ground oyster shells to support bone strength.

Our chickens are fed no antibiotics, no by product; animal or grain based. No animal fats. The meat is not enhanced or injected with anything. We are with the chickens from start to finish. We get them when they are hours old. We start the chickens in a brooder house and they are moved onto grass as soon as they are old enough and as weather permits. They are moved onto fresh grass every day.

When chickens are harvested we load and transport them to processing in a short period of time so they are not spending extended periods of time in cages on trucks. We remain with the chickens from start to finish.

Our birds have minimal "food miles." They are grown on our farm, raised with grain on our farm, processed within 45 minutes of home, and sold at local markets.

Join us

Join our co-op and start enjoying the benefits of locally-raised, truly free-range chicken. Sign up today!

This Co-op runs from May - October. We have many share options for all sorts of eaters and families. They are priced based on the products that are contained in the options. All CSA are for a 6 month period of time. Chickens will be frozen and please note that the Legs Quarters and Breasts come in packages containing 2 pieces per package.

Birds can be picked up on third week of the month.Once you commit you can’t cancel, your place is reserved for the season. The chickens will range in size, from 4-6 pounds.

Monthly Chicken Pickup

Pickup for these chickens will be at one of 5 locations; you will choose your pickup location when you fill out the application. If you do not pick up your birds at ur location on the 3rd week of the month u concede your birds for that month, unless you make prior arrangements with us by phone (at 410-329-3269) at least 48 hours in advance; please do not assume that arrangements have been made unless you get a message back from us or speak to us directly. You cannot carry your birds over from month to month due to our growing numbers.

If you are unable to pick up the chickens yourself that day you may have someone pick them up for you, as long you make prior arrangments with us By Calling (410-329-3269) us and telling us who will be picking up your birds for that month.

Fresh Pickup Option

Please Note that if you are interested in this option you need to Contact us for details. 410 329 3269

We plan to offer members the opportunity for fresh chicken pickup after each harvesting of chickens. Fresh pickup will be offered only on one day each harvest, and only at the farm at 15630 Old York Road Monkton Maryland 21111.

Thank You

Please understand this is a working farm. The sizes of the chickens may vary. Should we have unexpected loss and enough birds are not available we will provide members with the option to pick up additional birds during another time.

This is only our second year of offering CSA's and our first year the CSA sign-up website. So bear with us as working our way through the process with you. Thank you for working with us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 410-329-3269 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..