At Albright Farms, we are constantly working in our greenhouses, where we raise a variety of bedding plants for spring, many started from seed early in the year.

At our roadside stand on Sweet Air Road, folks are welcome to wander through our warm, dry greenhouse, and take a look at the bedding plants, hanging baskets and the containers. It's fun, and the variety will please you.


We grow hundreds of varieties of annuals, including the standard favorite bedding plants, such as impatiens and geraniums, as well as some hard to find plants such as streptocarpella.

Below is a partial list of annuals we grow in our greenhouses:

Angelonia Dark Blue
Angelonia White
Argyanthemum Butterfly
Argyranthemum Vanilla Butterfly
Argyranthemum Butterfly
Argyranthemum Molimba Pink
Bacopa Whitefalls
Begonia Dragonwing Pink
Begonia Dragonwing Red
Begonia Nonstop Orange
Begonia Nonstop Red
Begonia Nonstop Yellow
Begonia Nonstop Pink
Cali Colorburst Rose
Cali Compact Dark Blue
Cali Compact Watermelon
Cali Dark Red
Cali Double Blue
Cali Orange
Cali Yellow
Cali Million Bells Teracotta
Cali Millionbells Cherry
Cali Super Purple
Coleus Mixed Variety
Market Pack Dianthus
Dracinia Spike
Evolvulus Blue Eyes
Fuchsia Dark Eyes
Fuchsia Gardenmeister
Heliotrope Marino
Heliotrope Fragrant Delight
Market Pack Impatiens
Impatiens Dbl Rosebud  Purple Magic
Impatiens Dbl Rosebud Blackberry Ice
Impatiens Dbl Rosebud Red
Impatiens Dbl Rosebud Salmon
Ipomoea Blacky
Ipomoea Marquerite
Ipomoea Tricolor
Ivy Vine Variegated
Lamium White Nancy
Lantana Desert Sunset
Lantana Confetti
Lantana Goldsonne
Lavender Munstead
Lobelia Magadi Blue
Market Pack Verbena
New Guinea Candy Cream
New Guinea Dark Lavender
New Guinea Peach
New Guinea Purple Eye
New Guinea Raspby Cream
New Guinea Red
Osteospermum Lemon
Osteospermum Orange
Market Pack Petunias
Petunia Supertunia Red
Petunia Persilla Double
Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet
Petunia Supertunia White
Petunia Surfinia Sky Blue
Portulaca Grand Lilac
Portulaca Grand Yellow
Torena Purple Moon
Torenia Yellow
Verbena Babylon Neon Rose
Verbena Vereline Red
Verbena Vereline White
Verbena Tapien Blue
Verbena Tapien Blue Violet

We offer a variety of hanging baskets and containers as well.

We try to have something for everyone.

We are happy to direct you to deer-resistant plants, or plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. We usually are able to point you in a direction for plants that are easiest for the inexperienced gardener.

Vegetable Plants

We also have a good selection of vegetable plants including heirloom tomatoes. We have a good variety of herbs, including three kinds of basil.

Below is a partial list of vegetable plants we grow in our greenhouses:

Cucumber, Marketmore
Cucumber, Eureka
Eggplant, Ichiban
Eggplant, Regular
Pepper, Sweet Bananna
Pepper, Anaheim
Pepper, Bell
Pepper, Cayenne Long Slim
Pepper, Habanero
Pepper, Jalapeno
Pepper, Orange Valencia
Pepper, Yellow Early Sunsation
Peter Pan Summer Squash
Yellow Straight Neck Squash, Sunray
Yellow Zucchini, Golden Delight

We Share our Expertise

We can help you to layout your garden or arrange plants, as well.

We're happy to help in any way, and always pleased to talk with you about your gardening experiences.