Our Produce

We pride ourselves in providing fresh, responsibly-grown produce and fruit. We will not sell something that we would not eat.

We start our produce season with soil-grown greenhouse tomatoes for June sales. These tomatoes are grown in the soil in our greenhouse. This enables us to produce a flavorful, real-tasting, early tomato. And, since our tomatoes are grown in the soil and picked ripe, they taste like tomatoes. Compost and nutrients are added as necessary. We are generally able to start picking in early June.

We use bees to pollinate the greenhouses, and we use biologically-beneficial insects to keep down the unfriendly bugs. We spray on occasion, for fungus, if we have an unusually wet spring. We are able to use the same chemicals they use in organic farming.

We raise a variety of produce for summer sales: tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, squash, cucumber and eggplant are just a few. We grow these products, and we bring some in from other local growers. When we buy, it is fresh and local, and we know the people we are buying from. We will not sell it if we are not comfortable with the quality. We used to sell only what we grow, but with the variety of products we offer, we could not provide you, our customer, with all of the vegetables you are looking for on a daily basis.

The only fruit we currently raise on the farm are strawberries. We do, however, work with a local grower to bring in fresh local tree fruit when in season. We have some of the best peaches in town.

There are just a few things that come from out of the area, such as Washington State cherries. We can’t help it — our cherry season is just too short. (And their cherries are too good.) We will always tell you if something is not local.