Albright Farms' Turkey

turkeyOur turkeys are raised in an open-air shelter that protects them from weather. It has screened walls on two sides (reminds me of a screened-in porch) and open pasture area for them to roam in. They remain safely inside a wire enclosure, to protect them from natural predators, such as dogs and coyotes. Our turkeys have fresh water available and free-choice feed. We use recycled shavings for their bedding.

Our turkeys are fed grains that we raise on our farm. They get a diet of soybeans, oats, and corn. They are also provided with an all-natural vitamin and mineral supplement. Early on, they are also fed an all-natural feed supplement to provide an early source of protein. They are also given sodium bicarbonate to help with stomach digestion.

We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our turkeys.

Turkeys are processed right before Thanksgiving and sold fresh, never frozen.

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Albright Farms is an active member of Baltimore County's farm service agency, farm bureau, and agcenter board.